Home Breaking News Peace for Balochistan: Pakistan provided proofs of “RAW” involvement

Peace for Balochistan: Pakistan provided proofs of “RAW” involvement

Islamabad: Pakistan provided the proofs of RAW involvement in Balochistan and home matters in a Secretary level meeting with Indiapakistan provided proofs of raw involvement in Pakistan

The Foreign office provided the proofs of involvement of the Indian agency in whipping up terrorism in Pakistan. This matter was pointed out by Army chief in the recent corps commanders meeting as reported earlier.

On Thursday newly appointed spokesman of FO Qazi Khalil Ullah said, “ We have been taking up the issues of Indian involvement in various parts of Pakistan from time to time, Particularly when we have talks with them. I would like to recall that after the visit of the Indian foreign secretary to Pakistan in March, the foreign secretary had briefed media about India involvement in FATA and Balochistan”

He further added that we always rejected the Indian blame of Dawood Ibrahim stays in Pakistan but after continuous blaming now India has accepted our stance.

He also said that Prime minister Nawaz sharif wants peace in this region including Afghanistan and for this cause he will soon visit Kabul