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“RAW” involvement found by Army chief in whipping up terrorism in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan top military commanders accused Indian intelligence agency “RAW” of supporting terrorism in Pakistan.general raheel sharif


After the Corps commanders meeting held in GHQ, the Inter-services public relations department ISPR published a statement which states that, “Conference also took serious notice of Indian intelligence agency involvement in whipping up terrorism in Pakistan”asim bajwa tweet on RAW - dunniyanews

It’s very unusual that Army chief directly points out the finger at the hostile intelligence outfit. It is for the second time in three weeks. Army chief during his visit to Quetta on 15 April warned foreign agencies and Government’s for their involvement in Pakistan’s Home matters, but he did not explicitly name RAW.

Earlier this year Pakistani Government decided to forcefully raise its concerns over the involvement of India in terrorism of Pakistan but New Delhi continued blaming Pakistan to make a hype that he is a victim of terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. But this time Army holds this matter in his own hands and it seems that they will tackle this issue in their own way.

COAS said that the “Karachi operation is not against any political party but terrorists only”. This statement seems as the answer of MQM grievance. “Operation Zarb.e.Azab inflicted significant damage on terrorists” Raheel sharif observed during the meeting.

The Army chief said that we gave a lot of sacrifices due to the misguided people. But these sacrifices will not go in vain and we will take this war on terror to its logical conclusion which will give a peaceful country to our next generations.