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Indian Elephant got out of Control

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The specified footage is connected to Indian Elephant which appears to be mad and out of skilful when people are relishing after having a ride on it. It may be irritated that Indian elephant a lot as figures of individuals are collected around him which may be troubled him too much.
Indian individuals love to this massive subconscious due to some spiritual bondage and not ever want to hurt this elephant. People love this animal and love to realize off and on basis. In the given film people also liking to see this but it gets angry and on-going to hurt its principal which was on his back.
In around countries, people do trade with the bones of this animal which is called as ivory trade. Individuals love to do ivory trade as it is very delightful business and gives lot of profit. Due to ivory trade, monsters are on their way of extinction which is alarming.
Rendering to one of general viewpoint, things which made by the ivory are very luxurious and gorgeous. Ivory statue are also made by elephant tusks which are very expensive and better figurines are also complete with the help of ivory. Now a days, it has been forbidden to hunt elephant to get ivory.