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Snap Shot: Model Poses Underwater Inches From Crocodile

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A fearless reckless diver came head-on with a four metre long American crocodile in an unusual photo-shoot.
Italian thrill-seeker Roberta Mancino fulfilled a long-held dream by swimming with the reptiles in the Gulf of Mexico.
Travelling 30 miles from the coast to a lagoon in the central of the Banco Chinchorro – home to roughly 700 of the reptiles – Mancino was keen to learn about their conduct.

Recording over five days in June this year, this woman spent a total of 10 hours swimming with the crocodiles.
As the crocodiles turn out to be calmer in her presence, Roberta’s team were able to detention charming images of her just inches from the predators.

She said: ‘I have a list of creatures which I would love to swim with, so it was one of my dreams to swim with crocodiles.
‘I have required to do this project for six years but I might not ever find somebody to account it since it is so unsafe.
‘I remained about to go there myself deprived of a sponsor and then social network TSU supposed that they would fund the manufacture.