French Montana


Cream Kharbouch by his stage name French Montana is known 1984.He was born Nov 09 , is a U.S. Born in Morocco is rapper . He is CEO and founder of Cocaine City Records . In 2012 , he signed a The Maybach Music Group and Bad Boy Records recording contract with the joint venture . Montana is known for Cook more with their group B , and recently repeated his collaboration with Rick Ross album of rappers Chinx The Drugz , Cheeze, Flip and the boys.They will not admit that there are a couple for a couple , Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are associated In the hip . Weekend in New York , Trump Soho in the same room while shacked After the club late Friday night , we’re told . On Saturday , after lunching in the city Lobster Bronx , where a host of French rapper duo Elizabeth , New Jersey , All Star Night Club hit
Appear. “He ‘s over there around 12:30 , ” said a source .Before leaving her New Jersey home of Montana , Ruth’s Chris steakhouse in Manhattan Friday I ate With Khloe . “This Trina [ his former girlfriend ] with that used to live in the same house , ” we say

Medium .

Female rapper Trina and Montana who have stepped out with Khloe dating only days ago , was Kim Kardashian we’re told , is trying to keep the peace .” Kim and Trina are good friends … Khloe and Trina were friends , and at worst very upset It , ” says our insider .Trina ‘s relationship with the French position is not clear when , is a matter that we Know for sure , and it does not feel threatened that Khloe ! Reality star , “What I think about Trina Khloe Khloe is none of your business , ” a source close exclusively reveals . ” For the French , it never brings up Khloe , she Khloe not a problem . ” Good for Khloe ! We rather dating history , the French have the right to self- focusing .French Montana ‘s Trina Khloe Kardashian is trying to steal Khloe And it is clear that the French are more than just friends , Khloe wants to make She is not a homewrecker and he ‘s trying to take away from the rapper is not clear Trina.”Khloe is not trying to steal anything from anyone , ” the source explains . “And he ‘s not about to Here sits a man with a woman in a cat fight . Not Khloe. Never. “

Chicago Bulls


The Thunder lost to the Grizzlies last night, 111-105 in overtime, but no one will remember that years from now. They will remember Kevin Durant’s shot that led to a four-point play, however. Because it was insane. Both in the membrane, and out.And it wasn’t at some random point in the contest, either. Oklahoma City was down by five points, 98-93, with just 13 seconds left in the game. Durant receives a pass from teammate Russell Westbrook, who was himself falling out of bounds, gets bumped by very large Memphis center Marc Gasol, and has just enough time to heave up a desperation shot before landing at the feet of soon-to-be-overjoyed fans in the first row.

Here’s another look at the degree of difficulty Durant overcame.The sequence brought back memories of Larry Johnson’s four-point play against the Pacers in the 1999 Eastern Conference finals. As if Indiana fans don’t have enough about which to be currently annoyed.
To its credit, Memphis somehow kept its composure and held the Thunder off in the overtime period to tie their playoff series at a game apiece. And if the Grizzlies go on to spring the upset, their effort last night will get its due.But that Durant shot will have its place in any highlight reel of the burgeoning legend’s exploits.Washington will be hoping that Nene can be in as good form tonight as he was in Game 1. He scored 24 points and recorded eight rebounds in what was just his first start since late February. He made 11-of-17 shots, and proved too much for Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah.For the Bulls meanwhile, Kirk Hinrich and D.J. Augustin scored 16 points each, but made just 10-of-31 from the field. The Bulls must improve their long range shooting, as they only managed 5-of-20 in Game 1.



The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this morning in a case that will decide the fate of Aereo, a young New York-based company that streams local broadcast television to customers’ computers, phones and tablets for $8 dollars each month.Aereo users who access them for free from many of the same local television channels will More traditional “Bunny ears ” antennas use . The company’s technology enables customers to Record and store television programs.

ABC , NBC , Fox and CBS , which broadcast networks , Aereo accused of illegally Copyright license without paying for the delivery of TV content . Aereo argues that its Service users an antenna and a DVR is legal to sell . The only difference is :The service operates in the cloud rather than a lump monthly rental fee of the sale price. Case Aereo Technology ” public performance” hinges on the question of the formation of Under copyright law . (Copyright material a buyer a “personal right Performance ” at home watching a movie , for example , but not a public one, namely that exposure Customers to pay in a theatrical film. ) Company in the face of overwhelming A New York Second Circuit Court and District Court trial of two broadcasters . A Judge Utah ruled against the company .The Supreme Court agreed to take the case until December , Aereo repeatedly faced the possibility of Service that provides legal challenges in each market . The court’s decision likely will decide The company’s fate once and for all.

Earth Day 2014


Earth Day 2014 has been marked with a set of 5 animated doodles on the Google homepage, showing the Rufous apodiform bird, the veiled chameleon, the moon jellyfish, the scarabaean, a puffer fish and a combine of Japanese macaques.This year’s Earth Day is that the 44th, since its inception in 1970, that was wide viewed as marking the start of the modern environmental movement. It is organised by the Earth Day Network, that aims to “inform and energize populations thus they will act to secure a healthy future for themselves and their children”.

Google have done well to settle on AN intriguing choice of critters as an example the movement, though not many of us would place the scarabaean on their list of favourite animals. the japanese macaques area unit a much more ancient choice, shivering stoically in their hot springs because the snow falls.In fact the Old World monkey is that the largest animal featured, suggesting that for potential clickers smaller is cuter. The Rufous apodiform bird is way a lot of the tiniest hummingbird species, growing to 8cm long, whereas the bee apodiform bird could be a full 3 centimetres smaller.

The clear moon jellyfish grows up to 40cm in diameter, and is found in most of the world’s oceans, together with on each shores of the Atlantic. Its sting isn’t fatal or dangerous to humans.By contrast the puffer fish, tho’ cute, is one amongst the foremost toxic creatures on Earth. Despite this, it’s thought of a serious delicacy in Japan. once ready correctly, the flesh of the fish offers a tingling sensation on the tongue, due to a non-lethal dose of tetrodotoxin, a potent neurolysin with no counterpoison.If ready incorrectly, however, anyone intake it might die from it, by turning into completely paralytic so unable to breathe.The final animal featured within the doodle is that the veiled chameleon, one amongst the larger chameleons, and ready to get older to 60cm long. The chameleon is sometimes inexperienced, but will alter its look reckoning on the animal’s emotion. The green will vary from a bright lime inexperienced to a red olive drab. once veiled chameleons area unit stressed, they usually show sturdy coloration, together with bright yellow and generally even black. Surroundings solely partially contribute to a chameleon’s “decision” to alter color.

Miami Heat

Heat's James

The Miami Heat ar knowledgeable basketball team based in Miami, Florida, u.s. The team may be a member of the Southeast Division within the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). They play their home games at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami. The team owner is Micky Arison, who additionally owns cruise-ship big Carnival Corporation. The team president and de facto top dog is Pat Riley, and therefore the head coach is Erik Spoelstra. The being of the team is Burnie, an human fireball.

MIAMI — every of the last 2 Miami championship runs has been highlighted by moments wherever a sharpshooter enters a game and in real time provides a surprise spark.James Jones got his flip Sunday.And the carry he brought, combined with the expected contest showings from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, have the warmth off and running in these playoffs.James scored 27 points, Wade added 23 and therefore the Heat rode 2 massive runs — one late within the half, the opposite down the stretch — to beat the Charlotte Bobcats 99-88 in Game one of their jap Conference first-round series. Miami trailed for abundant of the primary 0.5, however rallied and has currently screw-topped Charlotte 17 straight times.

“We were flat to begin,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra aforesaid. “I suppose our guys were simply anxious.”Game a pair of of the best-of-seven series is weekday. Al Thomas Jefferson are obtaining many treatment till then.Kemba Walker scored twenty points for the Bobcats, who started quick behind Thomas Jefferson — who was diagnosed with a strained left area connective tissue once a boner within the half-moon, and got a combine of injections simply to continue taking part in.”We did some specific things these days,” Walker aforesaid. “We simply ought to keep capital punishment throughout the sport. we won’t get perturbed.”Jefferson still finished with eighteen points and ten rebounds — however in what cannot be a true exciting sign for Charlotte, he left the podium during a walking boot.”Just need to suck it up, man,” aforesaid Thomas Jefferson, United Nations agency confessed that he is no fan of needles however insisted he does not set up on sitting out.Gary Neal scored seventeen and tease McRoberts added fifteen for Charlotte, that shot only 12 free throws compared to 26 by Miami, and allowed the warmth to show their fifteen turnovers into twenty points.”If we’re attending to have fifteen turnovers, we’re not attending to win,” Bobcats coach Steve Clifford aforesaid.Miami sealed it with an 18-4 run within the fourth, most 3 of these points coming back with James obtaining a rest. Luke Ridnour created a high-arcing baseline jumper over Ray Allen with 10:29 left to urge Charlotte inside 74-69.That’s once James got a breather. He came to breathing space.



In the most gripping instalment of Endeavour yet, viewers were left on the edges of their seats as the second series of the detective drama drew to a close.Morse was in jail, framed for against the law he did not commit, whereas DI weekday might or might not be dead when obtaining shot by a similar officer liable for Morse’s confinement. Poor recent Monica was left alone reception – will their relationship survive this large blow? in all probability not.Meanwhile, police corruption and paedophilia went unpunished – it was a cliffhanger that will undoubtedly bring viewers back next year.Writer Russell Lewis has devised a strong adventure story with the grandeur of The Shadow Line and State of Play, and rather like each of those dramas, the stunning levels of corruption in ‘Neverland’ bled into different strands of life.
Endeavour continuously feels up to date despite the shortage of smartphones and computers, and this episode was no totally different.
Lewis’ story targeted on police corruption and a pedophilia scandal at a children’s care home – 2 topics that are within the news recently.
Nevertheless, the series has managed to stay a Sixties outfit while not ever seeing as anachronic.

‘Neverland’ wasn’t utterly productive as a conspiracy theory adventure story tho’. The pacing felt wrong, there wasn’t enough of a build-up to the events within the previous few moments of the episode.While things het within the last quarter-hour, there wasn’t nearly enough action within the build-up to the top, exploit viewers attention till the ultimate phase.Yes, Morse had to sift through the corruption and also the maltreatment to search out the links however it took too long to urge to the meat of the story.This episode might simply have worked as a mini-series of its own. sadly, Lewis had to suit the maximum amount as potential into ninety minutes and create ‘Neverland’ work as a series finale, that contend mayhem with the pace.Series 2 of Endeavour has offered viewers a series of compelling stories shot in associate improbably medium vogue that elevates it from run-of-the-mine police procedurals.At times the flowery stories have want some rationalization and Morse drifts into mystery cliché however on the entire Lewis has given viewers a lot of nice adventures during this prequel series to Inspector Morse

Easter Monday


Easter Monday in 2014 is on April 21. In the Catholic Church the Easter Monday is a holiday devoted to the second Easter. However, here is another passage in the Bible is used, which tells the resurrection of Jesus from the perspective of the Emmaus disciples . Strictly speaking, the Monday is thus the continuation of Easter and thus – liturgical – only partly to be expected as a separate day. Biblical history is anchored on Easter Sunday and not on Easter Monday : “… and this is already the third day … ” .

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday. It is not a federal holiday in the United States of America (USA). Some Easter traditions continue on the Easter Monday, such as the egg rolling race at the White House. By introducing a second holiday own customs could arise in the German-speaking countries for the Easter Monday . Thus, the Emmaus passage or Emmaus reminds Easter walk to the transition of the two disciples of Christ from Jerusalem to Emmaus, where they met the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth, but they did not recognize . Most of the Emmaus passage begins before the parish church and ended at a chapel.In Traunstein Chiemgau of Swords Dance and Georgiritt is celebrated on Easter Monday, in which today symbolically out the winter . In many rural communities in Upper Bavaria the old custom of the paschal field intercourse is still alive. The farmer , accompanied most of all residents , is the rye and Weizensaatfeld , even Winterfeld called from . In addition, have been preserved over the centuries different customs , such as the ” Traditional Remlinger egg and spoon race ” in Remlingen ( Lower Franconia ) or the ” Schönecker egg situation ” in Schönecken (Eifel ) .

The Easter Monday following Easter Sunday , and is thus in the Roman Catholic Church to the frontier days of Holy Week ( Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday ) . These counts up to Maundy Thursday Lent ; Good Friday and Holy Saturday are days of Osterfastens . Therefore, usually only provides the Easter Sunday and Easter Monday the end of fasting dar. In the further course developed from this fact, various celebrations, such as sports competitions and numerous ritual celebrations.

Craig Sager


I llness is keeping legendary NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager out of action during the playoffs, but his son did an admirable job filling in for him Sunday during the Spurs-Mavs game — so much so that even one of the game’s most curmudgeonly coaches had to give both Sagers their due.In a statement issued weekday, the elder Sager discovered that a battle with leukaemia would sideline him from this year’s playoffs: My favorite time of year? City to city, round by round, 40 games in 40 nights. A dramatic turn has matched me with acute myeloid leukemia. From the sidelines to being sidelined, 40 veins and 40 electrolytes. Too bad, I had some probing questions for Pop.”While Sager himself might not are ready to chat with “Pop” (San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich), Sager’s son was ready to step in at the tip of the third quarter and do the honors.

Coach Pop is understood as a person of few words, and he is notoriously curt and cantankerous with the media. however during this rare and real moment, it’s clear however Pop feels regarding the sick Sager, a old fixture of the sport and one among basketball’s most picture journalists.In the video below, Popovich takes a prospect from the interview and directly addresses the camera: “You (Sager boy.) did a good job, however i might rather have your male parent standing here. … We want your fanny back on the court. i will promise i will be nice. come back to here. Good luck.”Sager Sr. and Pop go way back, a fact Sager Jr. pointed out in a recent tweet:”My favorite part of the playoffs and what I miss most. 2 different personalities, yet a mutual respect.”Popovich wasn’t alone in paying tribute to Sager on Sunday. Before the Spurs and Mavericks tipped off, the NBA on TNT crew — including Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal — donned “special Craig Sager throwback uniforms” to honor their colleague.“a small tribute to Craig Sager who has started his leukemia fight. Dressing like Sager #getwellsage



Transcendence may be a 2014 phantasy film directed by cameraman muggins Pfister in his directorial debut. The film stars Johnny Reb Depp, Rebecca Hall, and Morgan citizen. Saint Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas function government producers of the film. it had been free in theaters on Gregorian calendar month eighteen, 2014.Johnny Depp disappoints in TranscendenceKnown for his “Pirates of the Caribbean” dreadlocks, “Alice in Wonderland” high hat and “Lone Ranger” face paint, Depp slips into the less colourful role of a mortal whose brain is uploaded into an enormous laptop simply before his death. Combining human intelligence, digital super-power and a type of immortality, he rapidly succumbs to the somewhat ready-made temptation to dominate the globe, leaving his adult female (played by British actor Rebecca Hall) in strait. Despite the customarily weighty tone of the show — that opened within the us on Friday amid some poor reviews — the 50-year-old actor managed to search out some humor when talking regarding it. “Well, having no intelligence, i am trying forward to gaining one thing, whether artificial or superficial,” he quipped at a urban center conference along with his fellow actors and filmmakers.

– ‘Can’t stand the way I look’ – Becoming serious once more, he conceded: “For Maine, it is often tougher and slightly exposing to play one thing near yourself. “First, I invariably try and hide as a result of i am unable to stand the manner I look. i believe it’s important to alter when and do one thing that is as fascinating as you’ll for your characters.” But associate degree actor’s decisions aren’t the sole ones in however a task is compete. “You have the author’s intent, the filmmaker’s vision and so you’ve got your own wants, needs and desires for the character. It’s cooperative,” he told reporters.In “Transcendence,” Depp same he “knew right off the bat definitely there was no want to go into some pink-haired, clown nose, Ronald McDonald shoes.” The show may be a 1st leading credit for muggins Pfister, WHO was director of photography on variety of blockbuster movie maker Saint Christopher Nolan’s films, including on the 3 “Dark Knight” movies and “Inception,” that won him associate degree laurels in 2011.

Pfister told AFP he was seriously distressed regarding whether or not he was up to the challenge. “The most shuddery issue was selecting the proper material. If you are going to choose such a risky move in your life, you sure enough wish to use caution regarding the fabric that you are going to opt for and also the story that you’re aiming to tell,” he said. The heart of the film, he said, is that the conflict between man and machine. Pfister additionally highlighted the environmental dimension, embodied in Hall’s character, who wants technology to assist save the world. “Her belief is that technology ought to be used for the betterment of group,” he said. “It’s important to her, and one among these aspects is, if we’re aiming to produce this technology, if we tend to square measure aiming to have the world’s most powerful machines, why don’t we tend to use it to repair a number of the mistakes that we’ve made? “And one among those mistakes, in her mind, is what the commercial complicated has done to the world.” Depp admitted that he was an extended manner from the master of technology he plays within the movie.

“Things get it wrong all the time, particularly between Maine and technology. i am not acquainted with it, and i am too old-school a brain and dumb to be ready to figure it out,” he said.Pretending to beat a text on his telephone, he added: “Anything I even have to attack with my thumbs for any amount of your time makes Maine feel stupid. therefore I try and avoid it as much as doable — to shield my thumbs, of course.”Critics haven’t been kind to Pfister’s leading debut: it’s solely associate degree eighteen % positive rating on the Rotten Tomatoes show review web site.”Ace cameraman (Pfister) remains a particular visual stylist, but Transcendence’s challenging themes exceed the movie’s narrative grasp,” it said.

Mount Everest


Mount Everest is familiar in Asian country as Sagarmatha and in Tibet as Chomolungma is that the Earth’s highest mountain. it’s situated within the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas. Its peak is eight,848 metres (29,029 ft) higher than water level and is that the fifth furthest purpose from the centre of the world. The international border between China and Asian country runs across the precise summit purpose.

An early-morning avalanche on the slopes of Mount Everest has killed a minimum of twelve Nepalese Sherpas and left many a lot of missing on Fri, in what’s being known as the deadliest day within the mountain’s history.A wall of snow overcame the native guides at 6:30 a.m. on Fri morning close to the mountain’s Camp two as they were getting ready ropes on the route to the summit before the spring climb season, the Associated Press reports.Ang Tshering Sherpa said “Rescuers have already retrieved four bodies and that they are currently attempting to drag out 2 more bodies that are buried below snow,” Sherpas are illustrious for his or her ability to weather high altitudes and are wide regarded as a number of the most effective mountaineers within the world. A Sherpa, mountaineer, and New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary mountain climber were the primary folks to summit the world’s highest peak.Today, several Sherpas work below unbelievable pressure, pushing their bodies to their physical limits so as to take care of remunerative guide positions within the service of usually affluent foreign mountaineers, who climb within the Himalayas as a sort of adventure touristry.To date, quite 4000 climbers have reached Everest’s summit. calculable two hundred have died within the try.