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Everybody Dance Now was an Australian tv dance competition that ventilated on Network-Ten. the 1st season premiered on 12-Aug-2012. The show was hosted by Sarah Murdoch, whereas Jason Derulo and Kelly Rowland served as dance masters. On 21- Aug-2012, Network-Ten off Everybody-Dance-Now due to poor ratings.

Everybody Dance Now! is a youth-run noncommercial organization that has free, weekly dance programming to floks throughout the country who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. we are dedicated not only to inspiring our students through positive retailers that promote healthy and active lives, however conjointly to empowering our young leaders as agents of social modification.The 10 Network has axed its troubled talent show everyone Dance currently.The series, hosted by married woman Murdoch and that includes United States of America dance “coaches” Kelly Rowland and Jason Derulo, was totaly rejected by audience of Network Ten.Network 10 launched it against the ultimate night of the 9 Network’s Olympics coverage and it drew 598,000 viewers across the nation.Since then it’s undone to around 0.35 million viewers. But prepairing the audience is troublesome from a low base, notably against mounting criticism of the show and network Ten’s performance overall.

Network 10 cut its losses every week agone, actuation the series out of its night timeslot and reducing it to at least one weekly program on a Sunday night, however it unsuccessful all over again to fire.Ten’s chief executive officer James Warburton admitted the network had unsuccessful.He also saod that “Unfortunately, we did not get the Everybody-Dance-Now format right,”.”Although we have worked with Fremantle Media to reset the program, clearly it’s not struck a chord with viewers.”The move comes as 10 is weathering its worst performance in recent memory. Its revenue has fallen away and its ratings performance this year, with a few of exceptions, has been poor.
Warburton same Ten’s renewal concerned “trying new formats and making a lot of programming options”.