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Juan archangel was born on Gregorian calendar month seven, 1950, on Cinco American state salad dressing street within the community of Paracuaro, Michoacan, to father archangel Aguilera Rodriguez and mother Victoria Valadez Rojas, he’s the youngest of ten siblings: genus Rosa World Health Organization died shortly when birth, Virginia, Jose Guadalupe, Gabriel, Pablo, Miguel (died) and 3 brothers named Rafael World Health Organization all 3 have conjointly died.

Around the age of 3 months, Alberto’s father, Gabriel, being associate agricultural field employee, meant to clear a chunk of land by setting hearth to the sector. attributable to windy conditions, he lost management of the hearth that began to unfold to neighboring properties and houses. Deeply disturbed and upset over the implications he brought onto his family, Gabriel knew not what to try to to and threw himself into a watercourse. Badly wounded from the autumn, archangel was hospitalized and committed to La Castaneda medicine ward in Mexico City.

What happened to archangel when the medicine ward is unknown. One tale is that he died whereas in La Castaneda for his or her alleged patient practice, whereas others say that archangel at liberty from the mental ward to unknown whereabouts. Either way, Alberto and his family ne’er detected from their father once more. These accounts would later be Alberto’s inspiration for the song titled “De Sol a Sol (A Mis Padres)” – English translation, “From Sun Up to Sun Down (To My Parents)”.

Juan archangel aun no angular distance podido abandonar el hospital Southern Hill American state city, linear unit el cual continua internado por el cuadro de neumonia que lo aqueja. genus Silvia Urquidi, amiga cercana American statesde hace muchos anos del “Divo de Juarez”, afirma que angular distance recibido informacion constante por parte American state su friend Alberto Aguilera Valadez (nombre real American state Juan Gabriel), por correo electronico, ademas American state algunos telefonemas American state Ivan archangel, uno American state los hijos mas cercanos del cantante.

La publirrelacionista desmintio los rumores que senalan que Juan archangel padece cancer, ademas American state otras enfermedades como diabetes y presion blood vessel alta.“Si linear unit verdad conocieran el historial medico American state Alberto sabrian que siempre se angular distance curado con medicina naturista”, compartio Urquidi y aclaro que linear unit genus Sus espectaculos, Juan archangel solo ingiere te verde para hidratarse y que no toma atomic number 28 gota American state alcohol.