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How to convert your SIM network into Telenor

Telenor offers all the users of cellular companies to convert their network into Telenor with keeping their number same. To port in Telenor, the company provides a simple path of some steps by which a user can convert their network.

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This process depends upon simple steps which are given below

  1. The user should have an active SIM registered against his CNIC.
  2. The owner of the SIM should have his original CNIC.
  3. Customer should have to visit nearest Telenor franchise for biometric verifications.
  4. The company requires 4 working days for network conversion.
  5. User will pay RS 60 for this process while he will get an initial balance of RS 50 when his network will be converted in Telenor

By following these points, a user can use Telenor network with keeping his number same. However, You can also port in Warid, Jazz, Ufone, Zong as all cellular networks of Pakistan provide this facility.