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How to convert SIM network into Ufone

Ufone welcomes all the users to use its network while keeping their number same. For this purpose, the company introduces three simple methods by choosing anyone of them you can convert your network into Ufone.

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All the methods are described below for your convenience, You can follow anyone of them to port in Ufone.

Method 1:

The Method for network conversion is given below in simple steps which explain the requirements and policies of the company which user has to follow for network conversion.

  1. The user should have a SIM being used for more than 60 days after activation or ownership change.
  2. Type MNP in a message and send it to 667, It will reply a text asking your name and CNIC.
  3. Write your name and CNIC number in a text and send it to 76333.
  4. SIM network will be changed within 4 working days.

Method 2:

You can change your network into Ufone by visiting its online portal and answering the required questions.

Method 3:

Ufone has a dedicated MNP helpline 033 1236 1236. By dialing this, you can request Ufone for network conversion. While after answering IVR questions, User will receive a call from the concerned department within 2 to 6 hours for further verification.

Following anyone method given above a user can easily convert their network into Ufone. The company requires 4 working days to convert the prepaid numbers while 9 to 14 working days for postpaid numbers. This service is free of cost and Ufone also gives RS 50 balance to its prepaid customers on first call activation. However, You can also port in Warid, Jazz, Telenor, Zong as all cellular networks of Pakistan provide this facility.