Survives Chase of Alligator at Mexican Beach


Mexico: An alligator was spotted chasing a swimmer in Mexican Ocean and it was so near to eat the man when somebody threw something in the water which abstracted the care of the reptile. The swimmer got the time to spread at safe place and he got out of the water in time then he could be the part of reptile’s stomach.
The Mexican Sea is one of the premium places to visit with family and tourists visit the beach to relish their vocations. The beach resorts Close Ocean mesmerize the community a lot and they do not want to leave the place for long time. So here is no doubt about the attractiveness of the ocean along with other issues.
The alligator was around to eat him when he got the help from his friends who threw somewhat in the water. It unfocussed the care of reptile for few minutes and the tourist grew the time to reach at seashore. Though, Mexican Ocean saw the brilliant pursuit of alligator and existence of swimmer.

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Bull Aggressive On Public In Stadium Mexico

Bull Attacks On Public In Stadium

Mexico remained one and only city where people used to adoration bull Aggressive

after Spain before one incident happened in stadium of Mexico. Government of Mexico then had to take the initiative against this game. They ban it in Mexico and request to UN to ban this game all over the world.

Bull had jumped into public, it was unkindly beating the people sitting in stadium. Individuals were afraid of bull, they were frustrating to escape but due to lots of people in stadium escape was not option. Some of the brave persons decided to rescue the people who are in range of bull. They went ahead and started rescuing people.

Bull fell into people by khabarnamcha

Mexican wrestling legend dies from move during match

wrestling legend dies

A Mexican wrestler died early Saturday after a blow he hurt in the ring during a match at an event, the Baja California state prosecutor’s office assumed.

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, recognised as Hijo del Perro Aguayo, fell unconscious on the ring ropes afterward receiving a flying kick as of wrestler Oscar Gutierrez, as known as Rey Mysterio Jr. according to filmed of the match that took place in Tijuana.

The match sustained for at least two minutes before other members in the match realized Aguayo was seriously injured. He remained rushed to the hospital, but then again died at 1:30 a.m.

“I have no words for this terrible news,” Joaquin Roldan, director of the AAA wrestling federation, said over his Twitter account. “My sincerest condolences for the Aguayo Ramirez family.”

The prosecutor’s office believed the reason of death was trauma to the neck and a cervical fracture. It has opened an investigation into likely manslaughter.


The Tijuana Boxing and Wrestling Commission called the death an unlucky accident.

Even though the match sustained as Aguayo hung listless on the ropes, command President Juan Carlos Pelayo said people moved directly to check his condition. He said the doctor in charge was not at ringside since he was giving another injured wrestler, but paramedics and a doctor who remained a spectator attended to Aguayo.

“The reaction for medical attention was quick, in my opinion,” Pelayo said in a news session Saturday.

Mexico is famous for its colourful wrestling charms and its style of professional wrestling called lucha libre.

Aguayo, 35, had struggled for 20 years and was the son of the legendary Pedro “Perro” Aguayo, currently retired and a member of the Aztec lucha hall of fame.

The younger Aguayo was also popular and led a group called “Los Perros de Mal,” or the evil dogs. He gained numerous titles, including nation-wide pairs with his father, a national heavyweight championship in addition the Consejo Mundial Lucha Libre world trios championship.

“It makes me very sad because he was a professional colleague and I have great affection for his father,” the wrestler Hijo del Santo said in a telephone interview. “I consider the fans in Japan, the U.S. and Mexico, of course, wherever he was very popular, requirement be in mourning, especially since of his youth. He had much ahead of him.”