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Shahid Afridi hits Tait for a straight six

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Shahid Afridi is acknowledged to be one of the greatest hard hitters of the cricket ball. Since his debut back in the late 90s he was always to be someone who can tear apart a cricket ball with his merciless hitting abilities.

Shahid Afridi was fearless there is no second believed on it but he never used his brain a lot as well and in cricket you need sharp and calculative mind else you just cannot achieve big.

This is the reason Shahid Afridi after playing 18 to 20 years of international cricket never engaged a spot in the ranks of the best. He was considered a good player and that was it.

Shahid Afridi though had this ability to hit against any bowler no matter how good he was. This video will show you why as in it he hits shaun Tait for a straight six.

In this match Shahid Afridi originally Aggressive back against the pace if Shaun Tait who at that time was considered to be one of the fastest Cricket bowler.

Shahid Afridi hits Shaun Tait straight over the… by arynews