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HUM TV working against our religious values

HUM TV is one such channel in our country which is confidently working on a distinct agenda. There is no doubt that the channels such as GEO, HUM TV and many others suspended azaan on azaan timings.

Not only this, but they are also annoying to stress upon our society a culture which was never ours. You can have impression from the kind of drama serials they are making now a days.

We are awarding you an example of what is going on now a days. We know that our civilisation is modernized now a days but it doesn’t mean we will start doing its publicity.


It’s our moral duty to start working against these channels who are irritating to implement the Western culture on our society.

If we thrive in kicking these anti state billion dollar industries out of our country, then unknown can destabilize our country.

We wish any of our politician also start intelligent positively about this.

HUM TV going totally against our moral values by khabarnamcha