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Indian people respects with women

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This has stayed one of the greatest amazing yet shocking videos around women privileges. It is a mutual observation that females, from religious point of view, are considered to be a must part of our societies. This is, thus, compulsory for the males to give all the rights to their females whether she is a wife, a mother, a daughter, or anybody else.

The religion Islam teaches us to treat the females with love, affection, care and complete attention. This is thus the need of the females so that they can enjoy freedom and can have complete women rights.
The society we are living in, is full of so many bad things. Here the females are not usually treated in a good and nice way. They are accepted and sold for money. In some parts of Pakistan, this has become a full business. Here the people buy and sell the females just to fulfil their private leisure.
Almighty ALLAH has given orders to obey Him, and to give the females complete rights. It is very hapless what has been shown in this video. Here it is shown that one of the media teams went to a place of Pakistan where women rights are demolished.
The occupational of females in those places is at its peak. Those persons reflect that the females are rather to buy and sell for money. Let me here tell you that the women are not at altogether goats or cows, so they should be given whole women rights.

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