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Goldsmith robbed by girl in seconds

This video was taken with the eye of a CCTV camera that was positioned in a shop of London. It has been seen by the people of New York, and Dubai, as well as crossways Asia. This displays how a girl of London is Peaceful a shopkeeper and demanding to overthrow him by getting all of his money.
Such frequencies are very communal across London, Dubai, and New York. There are numerous females who are compelling this crime just for the sake of a few thousand rupees.
The female’s face and her inexpensive act in this movie has been well shown. She is firstly acting well with the shopkeeper. Then all of a rapid she makes the man confused by saying rather bad about the money.

He starts noise at this London based woman. I be certain of the video must be shared across the websites of Dubai and New York so that all of the persons can see how cheaply a woman can act just for some money.
This female retains on Peaceful with the shopkeeper. It looks that the female would not return his money at any cost.
The video is a big example for the Muslims of London, Dubai, and New York like seats so that they remain careful when it comes to deal with female customers. Such women can make you confused.
So, if you are a storekeeper, be very watchful about your selling and dealing of money associated things with the female customers.