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Women-only pink rickshaws in Lahore

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Women take the wheel as Pink Rickshaw facility kicks off in Lahore

LAHORE: With Pakistani women often posture the brunt of cultural barriers and discrimination, the ladies-only Pink Rickshaw service has put women from Lahore in the driving seat to produce revenue for their families.  

The service was launched with the purpose of providing women from the lower community strata of society and chance to travel in comfort and at the same time generous them financial independence.


pink lady rickshaw

pink lady rickshaw

The women’s only service will also allow female commuters to transportable deprived of fear of getting harassed on the street. It goals to be a safer choice as opposed to other forms of public transport.

As part of the creativity, the way women are perceived in the community eye will be revolutionised, inspiring other women to trail suit and enter the many male denominated occupations.

“Thus, the initiative’s result will perpetuate a virtuous cycle of women fetching self-reliant independent and creative members of the society,” states one of the objectives of the project.

The project well-versed that there is only one female taxi driver in the whole country and projects such as ‘The Pink Rickshaw’ will empower other females to open up to new opportunities and freedoms