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Hambistri ka Islam-Shariat mai treeqa

Hambistri  Islamic Method Of Intercourse, There is no particular method of intercourse which is called islamic method. there is only restriction in ISLAM Religion is not to do love activity in anus.

translated in urdu as (Hambistri ka Islam-Shariat mai keya treeqa hai)

There are a lot of ways to do intercourse even hundreds of ways have been identified till so far. The most famous method is the Missionary Method. In this method, husband rides over wife.

Hambistri  in Islam – Its Role and Purpose

by Syed Mumtaz Ali & Rabia Mills

In the Islamic religion , the first and the foremost and the most reliable and highest form of religious law for faithful Muslims is contained within the holy-Qur’an. The Prophetic Traditions (also known as Hadith, which are the sayings and doings and tacit approval of things said or done in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad, p.b.u.h.)(1) are a second source of law. With that said, we hope the following reply will answer your question for more details please watch the video

One point of great standing that many newlywed, inexperienced men overlook is the importance of extreme kindness and tenderness on the first night and during the first relationship encounter. Many are under the false notion that kindness is against “manliness” and the harm and damage that is complete to the association on the first night due to this silly notion, has its impact on the marriage for months and years to come. Through the initial stages of relationship union a virgin generally undergoes considerable anxiety and pain, which results in fear. During such a time the husband must take great attention and consideration in his movements and behaviour towards his bride. x