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China sends warning to Biden after summit

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Chinese President Xi Jinping warned President Biden to not “play with fire” concerning potential U.S. intervention in Taiwan after summit .

however CNN speaks with Daily Beast editorialist Gordon Yangtze River

And former U.S. Ambassador to China easy lay Baucus following the summit between the 2 leaders.

When it involves Taiwan — long seen

because the issue presumably to pull the U.S. and China into war . each word matters.

And latterly President Joe Biden flubbing his lines frequently.

After soothing Chinese leader Xi Jinping that the U.S. doesn’t take an edge on Taiwan’s sovereignty in a very Monday virtual summit.

Biden sooner or later later delineated the island as “independent” to reporters.

The president quickly walked back the comment,

expression he was referring solely to the democratically dominated island’s got to create its own selections and not declarative its independence –

China’s oft-stated line for AN invasion.

Bonnie Donald Arthur Glaser, director of the Asia Program at the German Marshall Fund of the u. s , said that

Biden’s statements haven’t systematically signaled .

Moreover, AN ironclad guarantee that the U.S. would come back to Taiwan’s defense.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s official readout of the summit.

However, offered a additional measured version of the exchange,

stressing Xi’s “patience” and continued support for “peaceful uniting.”

“Most of them have merely created no sense,” Donald Arthur Glaser said.

Above all , “These statements have sent confused signals and haven’t advanced yankee interests in protective peace and stability within the Taiwan Strait.”