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Belarus clears migrant camps at border as first repatriation flight leaves for Iraq

Belarus clears migrant camps at a stop on the Belarus-Poland border, wherever thousands had collected in recent weeks for Iraq .

Belarusian authorities cleared it on weekday.

They ended a months-long standoff that has ratcheted up tensions within the region.

The move comes simply 2 days when a dramatic burst in violence between migrants,
who tried to breach the razor-wire border fence. Polish officers responded with a volley of water cannons and tear gas.

Ahmed al-Hassan, a 19-year-old Syrian man UN agency sunken in a very watercourse last month .

Whereas making an attempt to cross from Byelarus, was buried in a very community in northeast Polska on weekday.

His mourning family in Asian country watched the torchlit ceremonial service via video link.

Lukashenko’s government has repeatedly denied such claims.

Instead blaming the West for the crossings and accusative it of poor treatment of migrants.

Warsaw, meanwhile, has tried to stay the crisis from read, block the Polish facet of the border to journalists,

Twenty-eight-year-old mother Shoxan Bapir Hussain, her husband and four-year-old son, Azhi Ali Xder, were among them. CNN 1st met the family some days before within the freeze border camp for Iraq.

Hussain same the warehouse was higher, warmer. “We have food, we’ve got [a] bed,” she said.

Hussain’s family kicked off the journey from geographical area attributable to her son, whom she same desires surgery for a back condition. Azhi, UN agency has splints on his legs, can’t walk.

It’s those hopes and dreams that have unbroken folks here in spite of the conditions.

“I want to travel to Federal Republic of Germany … i feel Federal Republic of Germany has humanity,” Hussain said.