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Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of illegal campaign finance, receives 1-year sentence

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy sentence on Thursday to at least one year in jail for illegal campaign finance in his unsuccessful 2012 re-election bid .

It is unlikely that Sarkozy can serve his sentence behind bars:

He may serve the sentence .

He carried associate degree electronic bracelet reception.

All thirteen co-defendants are found guilty.

“Nicolas Sarkozy knew the disbursal limit,” he said.

“He knew he should not exceed it.”

On Thursday, Sarkozy’s professional person Thierry Herzog told French media after that he is launching associate degree attractiveness.

This is the second criminal case in which Sarkozy definitely involves.

Above all, In March he handed a three-year jail sentence for corruption and influence hawking.

However, The 66-year-old appealed the March conviction.

The legal ceiling for campaign funds was known well among campaign team.


On March 7, 2012, they receives their 1st memoranda from their accountants warning them of the quickly increasing campaign price.

They urged them to “correct the mechanical phenomenon,” mentioned Guillaume Lambert,

Lambert told Sarkozy concerning the memoranda and moreover indicated to him the requirement to chop campaign disbursal, while

Sarkozy maintained that he had no information of the overspending.

Sarkozy’s legal woes don’t seem to be over nevertheless as French prosecutors ar trying into alleged illegal campaign funding from Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The last French head of state as sentenced to jail was Marshal Philippe P├ętain in 1945 — for treason since he collaborated with the Nazis.