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Pak earns $195 million form IT service Exports

ISLAMABAD: Islamic Republic of Pakistan attained $195.990 million by providing completely different data IT Service(IT) in varied countries throughout the primary month of this fiscal year 2021/22.

This shows a growth of twenty.22 per cent, compared with $163.020 million attained through the supply of services.

In keeping with the most recent information free by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

During the month underneath review, the pc services grew twenty three.04 per cent.

As it surged to $150.450 million throughout July 2021 from $122.280 million last year.

Among the pc services, the exports of code practice services witnessed a rise of 434.15 per cent to $0.219 million from $0.41 million,

While the exports of hardware practice services additionally inflated thirty-nine.27 per cent to $53.830 million from United States of America $38.651 million.

The export of repair and maintenance services increased 211.54 per cent to $0.162 million, compared with $0.52 million, whereas the exports and imports of laptop code service witnessed a rise of four.31 per cent to $35.009 million from $33.561 million.

In addition, the exports of different laptop services rose twenty two.52 per cent to $61.230 million, as against $49.975 million.

Among the data services, the exports of information-related services inflated twenty six.67 % to $0.209 million from $0.165 million.

Whereas the exports of different data services swayback forty two.29 per cent to $0.101 million from $0.175 million.

The exports of telecommunication services inflated eleven.96 per cent, as these went up to $45.230 million from $40.400 million,.

Among the telecommunication services, the exports of center services inflated eleven.80 per cent throughout the month.
As its exports inflated to $11.954 million from $10.692 million, whereas the exports of different telecommunication services .
Malso inflated twelve.01 per cent to $33.276 million from $29.708 million last year, the information unconcealed.