Home Breaking News Thousands of Afghanistan flee to Pakistan following Taliban victory.

Thousands of Afghanistan flee to Pakistan following Taliban victory.

Thousands of Afghanistan flee to Pakistan following Taliban victory.

An “unprecedented” range of individuals square measure travel from Afghanistan to Asian nation through the official border crossing.

Above all, consistent with native officers.

As the mass murder in capital of Afghanistan when the airdrome suicide attack has driven a lot of to do to escape the country.

While Asian nation has same it’ll not settle for any Afghan refugees, the Spin Boldak-Chaman land border crossing between Asian nation and Afghanistan has remained open.

And in recent days many thousands of Afghans have crossed over.

Only folks that square measure travel to Asian nation for medical treatment within the country .
They are allowed to cross, however folks smugglers are helping families to urge over the border.

On Friday, The suicide attack at capital of Afghanistan airdrome killed over a hundred Afghan civilians and thirteen U.S. troopers.. The numbers situation at the border enlarged more.

‘Unprecedented’ numbers from Afghanistan to Pakistan

Local officers report increase as capital of Afghanistan airdrome attack drives a lot of Afghans to try to escape country

About 515,000 refugees have already fled recently . Annd UNHCR same matters in Afghanistan “remains unsure and will evolve rapidly”.

“We don’t seem to be permitting Afghan refugees to enter and cross our border. There may need been a couple of individual cases however there’s no flow,” same Liaquat Shahwani, the advocate for the Balochistan regime.

Following the attack on capital of Afghanistan airdrome on Thursday.

Wherever IS militants detonated a suicide bomb within the crowds, Shahwani same security was being stepped up within the Chaman border space.

“There isn’t any official warning for any terrorist attacks in bordering square measureas .Moreover the protection forces on the border square measure on alert and that they are guarding the border,” said Shahwani.

“They square measure well ready to traumatize any state of affairs. In recent days and weeks.

There are some terrorist attacks however the circumstances square measure below our management in Balouchistan.”