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Unbelievable visuals of wildlife

Pranks are something that only new generation can understand. Mocking somewhat with fake event is called prank, in Punjabi it is called ‘Choona lagana’ and in Urdu it is called ‘Topi Pehnana’. Though, if you are Punjabi you can actually appreciate what I intended by Choona lagana.
New group is fond of pranks since these are only things that make them funs. They prank everybody, sister, brother, mother, friends and whoever the hell has traversed their way. So really new generation is amusing than old school boring group.
Though, we have seen numerous prank in last month but what we are going to share nowadays is epic. Some guys from zoo were trying to prank children. They were wearing clothing of zebra. Though, they were trying to scare people around.
They were not aware that somebody is going to prank them, a lion, yes a lion who thought this zebra is real. Lion at first was afraid how this zebra was reacting, later on he absolute to eat it. Lion attacked the zebra but he never knew there are two enemies hidden in this zebra clothing.