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3 Students Dead After Taking A Selfie On Train Tracks

New age group is fond of pranks and selfies, mainly they are unwise about social media. Social media is additional vast thing that individuals goes nuts around. Social media is a way of stating people’s opinions. particularly when it comes to general public since they do not have any other supply to prompt their opinions about politics, religion or any additional.
Social media is no doubt a great thing that is very valuable for everybody but extreme use of anything is bad. If you are going to drink 100 litter of water in single day, then we can say you are going to blow up since you have no such size to drink hundred litter of water.
Same goes with social media, by means of extremely it can cost you somewhat. You can go unwise over time for using these. Some of neurosurgeons said record doubtless people who have dissimilar kind of brain disease come and say we use unreasonably Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We can also sum YouTube in social media network as it is also way of communication between people.
Newly a story broke hearts of millions of people when a guy named Haroon Malik died charming selfie of him to post on Facebook. He was stand up on train track to take selfie thoughtful background may beautify the image of him.