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Fishermen ,captures weird sea creature

A cluster of fishermen has captured an odd sea creature in USA. The creature was originating in the fishing networks just outside the limits of New York City sea beach. The sea department has taken the care of weird animal for public care.
The chief beach in USA is very near New York. It has also developed main tourist point in last few years. The citizens go out to the beach after outlay a busy week in work. Other than recreational actions, this beach also provided living to a large people of local fishermen. Fishes trapped from the sea goes to the native market and also transferred into other cities of America.
USA also has the largest fish shop in area. The fish market in New York achieves the sea food needs of nearly half of the country. There are other markets in other states of America as well. Though, the fish market at Manhattan is popular because of low prices. Limited fishermen bring in supply frequently which keeps the prices in check.
American fishermen are also serving as tourist’s attendants for tourists. Fishing actions on the New York beach cannot be sustained around the year. Therefore, people linked with this occupation have to do other things as in good health to earn living. Some of them travel to other parts of USA during the midwinter season.
New York itself has a huge request of domestic workers. These fishermen also work as domestic labours with government to receive extra living. However, any citizen in USA not having job is also given economic care by the government.