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dog save new born baby in thailand

An intellectual dog saved the life of a new-born baby in Thailand. The new-born baby was wrapped in a shopping bag and was flung into a garbage dump. A roving dog saw the bag a took it to the hospital. The dog had put the bag before the hospital gate and underway barking in order to get consideration of the people.
The hospital guard came and released the shopping bag. The thing he initiate inside the bag surprised him as it was a new-born baby. The guard well-versed doctors about the baby who directly provided it first aid. The state of the baby was sad, but was still blooming.
According to the doctors, the baby girl had been born impulsively and perhaps she was born in the seventh month. Though, the weight is adequate and she is improving rapidly. The doctors are satisfied with her health, but she is still in ICU.
The Police officer has underway an investigation of the case and is irritating to find out her mother as well. The investigation officer warranted to capture the cruel mother and sentence them severe penalty. However, he rejected to pass any statement before the conclusion of the investigation.