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Elephant rumpled in indian religious festival

An unhappy occasion acquired place in India where an elephant criticized and performed three people in a yearly festival. The elephant aggressively executed its rider who was irritating to control it. Rescue teams exiled the children and sedated the beast to cope with the uncommon condition.
According to the native newspaper, the yearly festival was on going with a usual monotonous in which thousands of peoples were existent. Rapidly, an elephant got angry and criticized the people who were existent there. In the fury, the elephant trembled its form and chop down its rider.
The 27 years old rider strained to stop the elephant, but all his skills verified useless when elephant sized with its trunk and tossed it down on the ground. However, it looked that the anger of the elephant was not successful to end soon as it pulled the rider and slew it cruelly.
The festival organization was deserted before the critical situation and they had no any events to tackle the condition. The boss called the rescue teams when all his labours went in vain. Rescue teams in progress rescue operation and tranquilized the beast directly.
Police has ascertained the death of three people and handed over their dead bodies to their guardians. The three days long festival finished after the unhappy incident while the families of the victims have filed a case against the festival management for sheer carelessness. They termed accountable to the festival management for the incident and requested police to arrest the perpetrators directly.