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2-Year-Old, Gives ‘Birth’ To Own Twin In China

A 2-year-old in China is described to have “given birth” to the young foetus of his twin.
Xiao Feng, of Huaxi, was taken to the hospital after his parents observed he had a swollen stomach and was consuming trouble breathing, News.com.au stated Monday.
Doctors originate that Feng was stentorian an undeveloped fetus inside his abdominal cavity, and unconcerned it over and done with spare surgery, according to Inquisitr’s translationof newscast from a China Central Television, a state-run media outlet.
The fetus, doctors say, was Feng’s twin. Matching twins occur when a fertilized egg splits in two. Adjoined twins occur when a fertilized egg begins to split, but fails to do so completely. In Feng’s case, the foetus was his touched twin that had been absorbed into his body inside the womb.
Doctors surgically removed the fetus, observing that Feng would have expired if the sponging twin hadn’t been removed.
The late fetus was around 10 inches wide and had a fully-formed back and limbs.