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Creature like Human Found in Sea

Marine life researchers have newly open a very weird creature underneath the sea waters which precisely look like to a human body. The experts have not been able to define the origin of strange figure because it was seen at numerous places throughout their investigation work but was not took alive.
The marine life specialists keep their study work active in the seas all-round the ocean to catch dissimilar new species. Occasionally scientists catch a very strange creature of new kind in the sea which stretches a fresh path to the research. Such individual becomes helpful in creation many original detections about the life below sea water. Original creatures found from the sea are also significant since they give a lot of assistance in the medical field.
In the past, it has been gritty by the marine life specialists that any weird being found from the sea has showed to be very co-operative for them. The Marine scientists have established numerous tablets in the past with the help of creatures originate from the sea.
The marine life experts also gazes for new and weird creatures in the sea since world has not seen the life under sea totally. The scientists are quiet not been able to reach many hidden discoveries under the sea waters banquet all about the world.