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South Korean Ship Sinking in the Ocean

Hundreds lost after South Korea ship sinks

At minimum four people dead and additional 55 injured after ferry loud 459 people capsizes off country’s southern coast.

A ferry carrying 459 people, frequently high school students on an immediate trip to a tourist island, has sunk off South Korea’s┬ásouthern coast, leaving closely 300 people missing.

At least four people were established dead and 55 injured on Wednesday, conferring to the Related Press, subsequently an hours-long rescue energy by dozens of ships and helicopters.

The high sum of people unaccounted for – possibly trapped in the ship or detached in the ocean – raised worries that the death toll might rise drastically, making it one of South Korea’s major ferry disasters since 1993, when 292 people died.

South Korean Ship Sinking in the Ocean by kingofchohans