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Unity by Buffaloes kicked away the Lions

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In this video, a lion arises to a fleet of buffaloes in demand to hunt down one of the buffaloes. As the lion grips the buffalo for hunting and fastening her from the backside, two other buffaloes originated and they measured the lion and defeated him.

The video is essentially made to enlighten the strength of unity amongst the animals as how they defend themselves against their enemies.

In this video a lion trails a buffalo hoping to kill her and make her his diet. The lion tries over and again to grab the buffalo and kill her but as a group of 3-4 buffaloes in progress overthrowing the lion; the lion loses the battle and compels to leave the field.

The same happens with the humans. As the people stay united, nobody dare to defeat him but as the humans disunite and start hating each other then they are prone to lose the battle.

The buffalo in itself is a weak and fearful animal and they are occupied as the food of peak of the animals.

Buffalo’s gang – Unity is the Strength by khabarnamcha