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Rogue housekeeper assaults female house owner ary news

Pakistan originated into being on 14th august 1947, it was 27th of Ramadan and Muslims previously the divider were yelling, making promises to ALLAH. Please give us our distinct homeland and we will make it one role model to the world by following the teachings of Nabi Pak S.A.W.W.
ALLAH listened to the prayers of Muslims and arranged Pakistan a distinct homeland to preparation the real teachings of Islam. What did we do in the conclusion with promises which we did to ALLAH?
We forgot those promises and in progress to follow those people who denied Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W, who are the enemies of Islam. We implemented attention based system to run our economy. We prepared another organize parallel to Quran Pak.
We departed door to door to beg from others. We overlooked the teachings of Islam then ALLAH also forgot us. To prompt us He showed us the incident of 1971 but it was not enough for us. Then after 9/11 we had to face the war against terrorism which was not ever our Aggressive.

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