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Miraculous Escape of A Child From An Misfortunes

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Misfortunes occur everywhere in the world some people escape from it with no injury, some get some injuries and some dies. If someone gets a main Misfortunes and stays safe and sound from that Misfortunes . What will you call it? Clearly miracle!
Same kind of inexplicable thing you will see in video, anywhere a kid going with her mother and all of sudden two cars bang into both of them.

One car really rolls over to them but what would you in the end of video is child safe. He has no injury at all, but her mother is down but she did not get major either.
Supernatural things occur around us. But we barely notice until or unless that supernatural things happen to use. Then we realize the existence of GOD.
Whatever can happen to anyone anywhere in the world? We need to focus on our lives, if we start focusing and concentrating then we can escape so many things which are not good for our health.
Just like the mom in video was focused on road but inopportunely she had very little time to take any decision. But still she run-away major injury.