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Anuskha Sharma’s blast from the past

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Anuskha Sharma, the Bollywood consciousness, is receiving viral on social media websites outstanding to her recent video which actually was shot way before the start of her career and release on the internet just recently.

As we get the acts achieved by Anushka Sharma and the other two persons present in the video, the video is actually about her existence with her friends in a room where they are practicing some kind of act. The act might be for a show or they were just annoying to learn and deliver some kind of script.

This is not the first time that such videotapes get released on the internet. For celebrities, it is quite common to have their personal videos published on video sharing websites and then getting promoted on social media.

At the same time, when we have a look at Anushka’s video, there is nothing unethical which in itself a good thing as it did not leave any negative impact on the young star.

In the earlier, we have seen some videos of popular movie stars which manage to leak and eventually defaming many of them because of the content involved in videos.

Anushka is presently among one of the most expensive actress in Bollywood, thanks to the blockbuster movies she debuted with.

Her new movie with Ranbir Kapoor named “Bombay Velvet” is still on the cinemas and is expected to do some good commercial at the end of this month.

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