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Pakistan investigations of Safoora incident directs towards RAW

Islamabad: Secretary foreign office says that we have handed over proofs of RAW involvement in unleashing terrorism in Pakistan but if India doesn’t desist then we are ready for a befitting action

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The Recent worst terrorist attack on a bus in Karachi forced the higher authorities of Pakistan to sit together for some long lasting solution of this problem. COAS make a new security plan for Karachi in that meeting, General Raheel Sharif had already accused India of whipping up terrorism in Pakistan as reported earlier.

The Foreign office says if India is found in the Safoora incident then this issue will be raised on International forums. As we have already provided its proofs of involvement in Balochistan but didn’t get any positive response. He further added that Prime minister Nawaz Sharif also talked with Afghanistan on this issue and demanded Afghanistan to clear their border areas from terrorists. As, the Indian agency is using the territory of Afghanistan to unleash terrorism in Pakistan.

Secretary foreign office told media that in a recent operation two convicts of terrorism in Pakistan are arrested who claimed to be trained by the Indian intelligence agency.

Although, ISIS claims the responsibility of Karachi bus incident, but foreign office rejected this statement. Secretary for foreign affairs says there are no traces of ISIS in Pakistan, but our security institutions are ready to meet any challenge.

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Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary, Secretary foreign office also says that the report of American journalist Seymour Hersh is also at fault. Seymour is a journalist who reported that Pakistan was aware of Abbottabad operation in which Usama bin laden was killed by American forces. But foreign office rejected this report and says “ This report is a baseless and against the facts, As Pakistan forces were totally unaware of Usama Bin Laden presence in Pakistan.”