Home Entertainment Best all rounder Shahid Afridi 45 Balls Hundred VS India

Best all rounder Shahid Afridi 45 Balls Hundred VS India

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Cricket always has and certainly not will see alternative like Shahid Afridi. To say he is an allrounder is to say Albert Einstein remained a scientist; it tells a criminally bare story.

For a start, the slant of his Best all rounder Shahid Afridi only turn out to be clear ten years into his career; he is a leg-spinning all-rounder. Variation is his work and as well as an old-style leg-break, he has two googlies, a conventional offie and a deadly faster one, however this is progressively rare. All come with the threat of substantial, late drift. He honestly hustles through overs, which in limited-over formats is a weapon in itself and the package is risky.

Best all rounder Shahid Afridi

Best all rounder Shahid Afridi

But continually associated with him will be his madcap batting, the view of which is a crowd-puller the world over. He is an obsessive basher, literally unable to control his urges to slog every ball that comes his way, and not much of it is classical. Often spectacular outcomes are at hand; he owns, for example, two of the fastest ODI hundreds, plus the wildest one ever in his first runs ever at the age of 16. His career strike rates are nearly supreme. But typically, wherever in the order, consistency has been missing.


Maturity has often threatened to gatecrash his career and leadership was a fair reward, however it was taken away from him in 2011 after an immature spat; additional retirement was announced but none of it will change much a truly unique career.