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Electric Eel Lights up Christmas Tree

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An electric Eel was recycled brightly at a shopping mall in Japan to bright up a vast Christmas tree. It was not only a marvellous show of receiving free power by Japanese Mall but also a contamination free energy supply.
The Mall in Japan had castoff an average sized electric eel to produce energy in a fish tank. Two aluminium roads in the fish tank were close to transmission the electric city to the Christmas tree lights. The process used in Japan at the shopping mall can be used on big scale as well to produce free and pollution free electricity. Japanese knowledge is well known all about the world to emerging new and easy ways of inventing single products.
Christmas is just a corner gone and arrangements have previously on-going to host the event like every year. Japan has also a large population of christens who celebrates. These celebration are remains until the eve of 25th December every year. Each Shopping mall in the republic runs special shopping raises and events until 25 December to raise the sales.
Dissimilar kinds of promotions increase the also sustenance the Shopping mall to attract more customers. Millions of visitors from close countries gather in Japan on the ocean of Christmas each year to join the festivities over there.