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Cow Gave Birth to Human Baby

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A cow in Thailand gave birth to a very odd baby which looks like a human baby. Thai public were astonished with the tiny calf and in progress staying the home of the farmer where the strange animal was born. Rendering to them it was a consecration of their idol for them.
There is a big amount of followers of Hindu religion in Thailand. Rendering to the Hindu beliefs the cow is a very blessed animal. Hindus marks idols of cows and buffalo. Likewise their baby is also appreciated by the followers of the Hindu religion. Some casts in Hinduism do not eat the meat as well. They solitary use the milk.
In India, cow is reflect and respected as mother of the followers of Hinduism. If any Hindu family is blessed with a baby, the Hindus organise regions gatherings to get the blessings of the animal. They also pray numerous other animals.
Rendering to the teachings of Hinduism, other than Cow, a Monkey and snake are also the images of their God. They also pray the elephant rendering to the religious beliefs. Many Hindus keeps a baby monkey at their homes to pray the animal. The Hindus make idols of gold and silver of all the animals and retains them at religious places.