I Am a Muslim, People Think I Am A Terrorist, Do U? If Not, Hug Me

I Am a Muslim, People Think I Am A Terrorist, Do U? If Not, Hug Me

Are all terrorists really Muslims?


Are maximum terrorists in India Muslims? I ensured the chance to look at this subsequent yet another avoidable incident this week. Nigeria’s ambassador to India has replied to a comment made by a Union minister. The comment was prepared by Giriraj Singh, who said: “If Rajiv Gandhi had married a Nigerian lady and not a white-skinned woman, would the Congress have accepted her leadership?”

The remark exposed the casual racism that is so commonplace in India. Nigeria’s ambassador O B Okongor was troubled enough to say: “I believe the prime minister will do right thing on this. I am not going to lodge a protest.” The prime minister flouted it once again as those who have observed his behaviour on such things will have saw, though the media was obviously outraged.

The website Rediff.com ran a commentary headlined “5 reasons why Giriraj Singh should shut up”. It included this declaration of his from last year: “Isn’t it true that all people gathered in terrorist actions belong to one community? I am not irritating to blame any one specific community. Why are all so-called secular gatherings silent on this?”

Probably he means Muslims. He is of course not right in presumptuous that all people trapped for terrorism are Muslims, but are Muslims in charge for most of the terrorism in India? Let’s look at the data. The South Asian Terrorism Gateway lists fatalities and incidents across India. Fairly carefully, it also does list them by battle theatre.



BaBa JEE stunts on Motorcycle pakistan

Over 300 students killed in motorcycle coincidences since Jan until March: IGP

SEPANG: Police documented a total of 309 school schoolboys killed in motorcycle misfortunes countrywide during the first quarter of this year.

The figure shows a speedy increase compared to last year’s figure, which logged a total of 290 students killed from Jan to Dec.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar supposed the spike of fatal road misfortunes involving primary and secondary school students is alarming.


He said the police, following the finding, will jump a crackdown against school students who drive the machine illegally.

Though, Khalid said this time around, their key aim is the students’ parents and motorcycle proprietors who allow the children to ride the machine illegally.



Amazing !! Change the way you think

Pakistan motivational

just amazing how they can change the way you think instantly.

One of the most significant values to teach your children is respect. Having operated in several day-care facilities, I’ve seen children who have no respect for consultant at all. It’s exasperating to the teacher, and to the paternal when they arrive to pick up their kids.

By teaching your kids respect, you are responsibility the  world , yourself, and your child a favour! Life will go considerable easier for them with a little respect under their hat.

Pakistan PM approves deal to purchase eight Chinese submarines

Pakistan PM approves deal to buy eight Chinese submarines

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved a deal “years in the making” to purchase eight submarines from China, a Pakistani government official assumed on Thursday, in what might be one of China’s major overseas weapons trades once it is signed. The official, who was present-day at Tuesday’s conference of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defense which was directed by the Navy, said the agreement to buy the diesel-electric submarines would likely be signed by Chinese President Xi Jinping when he official visit, “but that is still not final”. Xi was due to travel to Pakistan this month, the government in Islamabad has assumed. China has said Xi would visit this year, but specified no time frame.

China and Pakistan request each other “all-weather friends” and their near ties have been underpinned by long-standing caution of their common neighbor and rival, India, and a wish to hedge against U.S. influence across the region.



“The prime minister has permitted buying eight submarines from China and these would be used to bolster Pakistan’s strong point,” the official, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters.

He added that “last-minute homework is pending”.

“Some officials are traveling to China even today. Work is ongoing,” he said. “This deal is years in the making.”

He believed Pakistan was observing at S20 and Yuan class diesel-electric vessels.

A previous senior Pakistan navy officer with information of the negotiations told the Financial Times the contract could be worth $4 billion to $5 billion.

Requested about the submarines, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China and Pakistan were pleasant neighbors and that the two sides had usual military exchanges.

“I can tell you, applicable cooperation does not violate international convention and accords with China’s three principles on military trades,” she expressed a daily news briefing.

China is Pakistan’s top supplier of weapons, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), which tracks global arms auctions, selling 51 percentage of the weapons Islamabad trade in in 2010-2014.

China has also surpassed Germany to turn out to be the world’s third largest arms exporter, SIPRI said in a report last month. Little is recognized about China’s arms exports since the country does not publish data on such sales.

The Pakistani official too thought that Pakistan had been in talks with France to buy new submarines, but the application was dropped by the French.

A top U.S. Navy admiral supposed in February that, though they were technologically inferior, China’s submarine fleet now outnumbered that of the United States.

Aftab Iqbal Praising Imran Khan For His Good Work In KPK

imran khan work on kpk

KPK Government 100 Days Performance report

  1. Online FIR System on the go by PTI government
  2. Mobile Court is also one of the main achievements in the province
  3. Imran Khan on his official visit to swat, a couple of days ago inaugurated two Mother-Child Health Care hospitals in the city
  4. PTI and JI decided to add the Holy Qurans verses associated to Jihad in the syllabus which were taken out of course during ANP regime.
  5. Rescue 1122 has also been recognised in KPK during these 100 days
  6. The Shisha smoking has been completely forbidden in the province
  7. World’s biggest software company “Microsoft” has agreed to deliver E-Government to KPK government
  8. All the Government officers must have acknowledged their assets Government Order
  9. A Home Economics Girls College has in progress working under Swat University in Saidu Sharif.
  10. KPK government has started to use biometric attendance system in educational institutions for its enhancement and development
  11. Mobile Van Health Facility has been in progress in Swabia.
  12. Governor KPK has employed “Right to Information Ordinance” in the province.
  13. Fresh and Green KPK project has been in progress with the expenditure of Rs. 100 Million to clean the capital and make it greener
    14. KPK Government has broadcast regularization of all contract doctors of province.
  14. 100 High Schools have been promoted along with 5 Development projects of KPK.
  15. In Sports, Imran Khan under 19 Talent Hunt Cricket Program registering has been started through which fresh talent will get a chance to play cricket at international level.
  16. Free Medicines In Government Clinics.
  17. Enrolment over 220000 students
  18. Free Education up to Primary
  19. No Any Corruption Scandal
  20. for Monitoring Installation of CCTV Cameras in Police Station.

Aftab Iqbal is one of the greatest favourite anchor and journalist in Pakistan he well-known for his program Khabarnaak .He also doing a talk show on 92newshd he admiring PTI chairman Imran khan for his excellent presentation in KPK he assumed that he undertaking fabulous in KPK after sitting in Islamabad he showed himself a best Politician and established leader and there are lot of changing have seen in KPK .
He also expresses about his act before and after dharma according to him before dharna he blasted his enemy and did not work for his province and later dharna he did revolutionary work in kpk and he will be rewarded in next election .What aftab ahmed comments about PTI chairman imran khan pay attention his in this video under and know about imrna khan excellent enactment in kpk .

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actress Neelam Muneer praises Sarfraz Ahmed

Sarfraz Ahmed and Neelam Muneer

Pakistani actress Nelam Munir, who in a current TV show expressed her love for Pakistani wicket keeper batsman Sarfraz Ahmed, move toward under a lot of news in the newspapers.
Currently as Pakistan has been bashed out of the world cup and Sarfraz while providing interview said that he also loves Nelum Munir.



This news is flattering viral on the internet as media is seeing them as one more couples who are going to fell in love with each other.
Media has already propagated that something is going on among the two.

top5 cricket bad boys

top5 cricket bad boys

Top 5 Bad Boys of World Cricket 2015.

Cricket is the gentle man play that is the old phrase but now people know cricket as entertainment and enjoyment. in many of country cricket is going top listed play. people enjoying to play cricket with family and personal picnics.

Top 5 bad boys of cricket.

Before the Cricket ICC World Cup 2015, we bring you a sport series on Cricket with Crazy Facts and information. Today we bring you The Top 5 Bad Boys of Cricket history. Lets relive some of the very exciting moments when these boys pushed things to the limit and became really bad boys. These are few very funny moments in the history of Cricket.

Make sure to Share it. This video is for education purpose only.

ODI Pak v NZ- Afridi played stunning innings of 67 runs

Boom boom Afridi played an wounder full inning
Pakistan cricket teams star 33 year old alrounder Shahid Afridi played an stunning innings of 67 runs on just 29 balls and got out on the ball of Milne when Guptil took his catch while playing against New Zealand in first one-day international (ODI) at Wellington Stadium on Saturday – 31 january 2015 (31-01-2015)
Boom Boom Shahid Afridi made the Pakistani team happy with his dazzling innings and scored good partnership with captain Mibah, Shahid Afridi blast batting, Pak vs NZ.

shahid khan afridi is world class alrounder, with over 400 plus sixes in all format of cricket including test match cricket, one day cricket and also in twenty twenty.

PCB Uncovered New Official Kit for ICC World Cup 2015

Misbah and team in new kit
Misbah and team in new kit

LAHORE: Pepsi sponsored the impressive event at Lahore to unveil official kit of Pakistan cricket team for World Cup 2015

Star Batsman Boom Boom Afridi conveyed hope that national team will give their 100% in World Cup. He summed, “I want to make my last World-Cup memorable”. He praised “Pakistani” captain Misbah-ul-Haq for keeping the team together.

The official kit of Pakistan cricket team is in light green color with PAKISTAN written over it in golden color, have black outlines. It have PCB logo on left upper side and logo of ICC World Cup 2015 on right upper side.


On January 21, Pakistan cricket team will take off for New Zealand, where they will play 2-match-ODI series versus Black Caps. Afterwards Pakistan will go to Sydney for warm-up matches before leaving for Adelaide to kick off their world cup campaign against their rivals India on February 15.

Here are some selfies taken by Pakistani players.