bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan Started Reading Holy Quran

bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan Started Reading Holy Quran

At the moment here is the crispy news that you will never believe. Bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan On-going Reading Holy Quran for His Heart’s Satisfaction. This is actually shame for best of the Muslims we cannot avail the benefit of Quran while we are Muslims. The non-muslims took benefit of our Quran and we Muslims don’t know how to get most off from Quran.

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Today’s life has turn out to be materialistic to the point that personalities regard relations like stock ventures as they look for benefit and misfortune in such things. Here we bring an astounding verification from horse’s own particular mouth as adolescents of neighbouring nation raised voice against it. They made people recognize that it is shameless looking for money related advantages in such matters.
Each guardian has an attitude like a economic professional and they need most extreme advantage out of their thing, their children. While holding hands everlastingly, they lead assessment of abundance of other gathering simply like some representative does in stock ventures.
This accumulation will determine how the general public is at misfortune because of this materialistic methodology. Each choice is taken while having monetary viewpoint at the top of the priority list. This is only an insult that maybe you ought to put funds into individuals instead of stock investments. Profit and Loss Relations are not care for stock scheme

Angelina Jolie Condemns Quran Burning

Angelina Jolie Condemns Quran Burning

ISLAMABAD — Angelina Jolie on Wednesday condemned a Florida church’s intimidation to burn copies of the Muslim holy book to mark the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
The 35-year-old actress spoke out against the planned burning during a trip to Pakistan to raise awareness about the floods that have overcome the largely Muslim country over the last six weeks. She stayed in her capacity as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N.’s refugee agency.
Jolie’s criticism rebounded that of top U.S. officials, who have defined the church’s plan as a shameful act and have even warned that it could endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Americans worldwide.

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Blasphemy convict punished badly in Lahore

blasphemy law convict

Lahore: Session judge shazib saeed sentenced lifetime imprisonment to the convict of desecrating the Holy Quran.blasphemy law convict


This case was closed on July 06, 2009 on the report of Punjab institute of mental health which declared the suspect “Not fit to stand trial” but on 22 January, 2013 the case was reopened on the application of Qaiser mahmood. PIMH again provided the medical report of the suspect in court on 29 August, 2013 which states that the “Suspect is fit to stand trial”.

During the trial, convict confessed the act and requested for forgiveness as he was ashamed of this act. He also repented over what he had done.

Complainant filed the case under the section 295-B of Pakistan constitution in Race course police station. Qaiser mahmood said that two PHA officials were also the eye witness of that incident.

After hearing court sentenced lifetime imprisonment to the convict under Blasphemy Law.

It should be in mind that Blasphemy law is controversial in Pakistan and many political parties also want amendment in these laws.

First time ever quraan recitation is US senate

Beautiful Recitation of Quran in American Senate

Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity. Islam is a universal religion deprived of having any outdoor boundaries. Holy Quran is the Base or constituents of Islam which displays the guiding principle of the religion. For the very firstly Time recitation of Holy Quran was take place in American Senate. It was a historical moment for the Muslim community all over the world.

A must lookout video.