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Highly Educated dog: MBA degree of a Dog surprised the educationists

US: Axact group is too good educational institute that it can even make a dog MBA, it is revealed in a report of a journalist of New york times that the fake degree provider colleges affiliated with Axact group even provided the masters degree of business administration to a pet.

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Chester Ludlow, A pug dog from Vermont was awarded a degree of MBA by Rochville university, an fake online educational institute which provides degrees on the base of experience and it is among the numerous fake online institutes of Axact.

The scandal of Axact group is revealed by New york times in an investigative report as reported earlier. After which FIA raid on the offices of Axact in Karachi and Islamabad, All the staff was arrested by the officials while the office equipments and documents of Axact group were also sealed by the Investigation agency.

Yesterday FIA once again came on the office of Axact group for investigation. Interior minister is supervising the whole investigations while this issue is also raised in the senate and Punjab assembly. While the educationists of Pakistan are surprised on this scandal as it is spoiling the image of Pakistan as well as our young generation.

Federal agency is investigating this issue and the report will be presented soon. While interior minister Ch Nisar says that he will not bear any pressure in this case.