Imam Masjid sentenced for 5 years in prison on hate speech

Lahore: Anti-terrorism court sentenced a prayer leader of Kasur for 5 years prison under Article 9 due to hate speech during a public gathering

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This case was registered in Kot Radha Kishan police station against Qari Abubakar on a complaint of Sub-Inspector. According to the pursuer, the prayer leader was urging people against a particular religious sect on which he was arrested by the Police on the spot.

In court the convict denied the charges and plea for release, he said he was not present at that gathering but Police provided the video recording of that event after which Anti-terrorism court punished the convict by 5 years in prison.

According to officials, 21 people convicted this crime this year. Some of the criminals were punished for up to eight years prison. While 2 of them were from Lahore.