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Hidden Video Camera In Cloth Changing Room

A woman must be extra watchful whenever she goes for changing cloth or washroom at shopping malls. Check the room accurately, check the room properly if there is any hidden camera already installed. also lock the door completely so that no one can enter into the room. It’s also the ethical duty of a man to avoid going to female’s changing rooms. If anyone does deliberately then it shouldn’t have tolerated at all. Although he didn’t know the attendance of woman but it was such an awful and awkward condition for her and she was amazed in front of her husband. Hence, if you don’t pay attention or show uncaring attitude even at home, you might have to pay the price in very awkward way. It’s significant for woman to keep eyes open every time to avoid embarrassment. Be sure whether the room is blank or not and always try change cloths in lights. Don’t overlook to lock the door and windows and it would be safer to change the cloths in washroom if it is likely for you. Don’t bother when an individual call you to hurry up. Just ask him to be quite and do your work suitably to escape awkward position.