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Fortnite ‘s Chapter 3 Battle Pass includes a moon-themed Ronin skin

Teasers suggest you will defend the multiverse in Season 3, Chapter 1 Fortnite of the battle royale game.

Fortnite’s new island appears to be part of a multiverse in Chapter 3, Season 1.

The new season of the battle royale game dropped Sunday (Dec. 5) at 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT) with a plethora of new items.
For space fans, the content includes a crescent moon-themed Ronin set and a loading screen showing the Fortnite island floating in a multiverse-like bubble.

Players like us who bought the season battle pass (950 V-bucks, roughly $7.99 USD) struggled to log into Fortnite in the first hours after release due to increased server loads.

It makes it difficult to say what the island contains after it completely flipped over during an alien-themed event closing Chapter 2, Season 8 on Saturday (Dec. 4).

“We’re aware that log-ins, purchases, partying up, and matchmaking may be delayed.

We’ll provide an update when this has returned to normal,”

Fortnite’s game status account on Twitter said Saturday of the reported delays.

Media reports suggest the Seven (who have been struggling to keep the Zero Point under control for a while) will be a big feature on the new island.

On the space side, there is reportedly a Seven rocket base landmark on the new map. Fortnite maker Epic Games says the Seven have sanctuaries throughout the island, but did not confirm yet the rocket base’s existence.