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The latest Quest update brings cloud backups and a mixed reality view

Meta’s final Software update for 2021 for cloud backup

Features :

Meta delivered a brand new batch of options for Quest headsets in associate update rolling out these days.
The changes embody cloud backups, a mixed reality camera mode.
And moreover other settings that spherical out the Quest’s already spectacular feature set.

It is excited regarding the cloud backups feature, which provides you some way to revive user-specific knowledge to your apps.

As well as game saves and receiver settings,
if you wish to exchange, update, or reset your Quest.

This is one in every of those things that the search didn’t support already.
Nevertheless, It will be activated within the “Device” tab within the settings menu.

The mixed reality camera conjointly looks extremely cool.
Unlike the Live Overlay feature that arrived in v29 that obligatory your body over a first-person read of a game or app,

The new feature permits you to see yourself interacting within the game world from a third-person perspective, as seen through your phone’s camera.
The GIF provided by Meta that we’ve embedded shows what the tip result will seem like.

Moreover, Meta says that a dozen apps support the feature, as well as piece Whip, Superhot VR, and Synth Riders, however a complete of simply six were listed at this page at the time of publication.

To use the mobile mixed reality camera feature, you wish associate iPhone XS or newer, running iOS eleven or higher.

The last note in Meta’s journal on the newest Quest code is that it currently includes a public check channel for its coming code.
You can check in for it here if you would like to check new options before the remainder people .

Although Meta says that you simply won’t be ready to leave it once you be a part of till a brand new public code update is discharged