Home Entertainment Aide to Ukraine’s president survives apparent assassination try

Aide to Ukraine’s president survives apparent assassination try

(CNN)Shots were discharged at the automotive of a prime aide to Ukraine President Zelensky outside Kiev on Wednesday morning,

Police ar line of work it associate degree

Ukrainian police said in a statement that a automotive.

Shefir was traveling in came vulnerable within the village of Lisnyky at regarding ten a.m.

The driver of the automotive was skinned.

A special police operation is about to go looking for the perpetrators and police are appealing .

Moreover , So info regarding the circumstances of the “assassination try on the lives of 2 Ukrainian voters.”

President Zelensky, WHO is in the big apple for the international organization General Assemby.

Zelensky same in a very video denote on Facebook about it .

He would be heading back to Ukraine when delivering his speech at the i organization later Wednesday.

“Frankly, i do not apprehend who’s behind it nonetheless,”


“Sending ME a message by shooting at my friend’s automotive is weakness.” Indeed.

Zelensky vowed his government’s response would be “strong” and He continues his efforts to fight corruption and reform the country.

“The strength of our team won’t be affected.

The course that I actually have chosen with my team, to change, to scrub up our economy

Whereas to fight against crime ,

And it is also against massive and powerful money teams .

This definitely doesn’t have an effect on that in any method.

On the contrary the Ukrainian folks have given me a mandate for changes,” he said.