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“There is security but no Money” Afghans settle into life under Taliban rule .

“There is security but no Money” Afghans settle into life under Taliban rule. Poverty.

On board ar senior religious movement officers. Sitting within the cockpit are pilots from the previous Afghan air force.

Maulvi Abdullah Mansour, the religious movement commander guilty of the flying field, illustrated around the fleet he currently controls.

It includes attack helicopters .

Talented to the previous government by international forces.

Under the previous government, the craft were typically accustomed target the cluster. i

t is not clear however they’re going to be used currently that the war is over.

“If we tend to ever want them within the future, they’re here,” Mansour says.

Elsewhere, the transition from previous to new regime goes less swimmingly.

Economic Crisis (poverty):

The country is facing Associate in Nursing financial condition . Because the international community decides the way to facilitate Afghans

However not the religious movement.

One woman, Shagufta, is weekday on the wayside. Above all formation through the garments she’s dropped at sell. “Life has become Associate in Nursing insult currently, we tend to ar dying slowly undoubtedly.

” she tells US tearfully. She’s weak as a result of she did not have any food for breakfast.

She says, “now i’m commercialism their finest garments, what they accustomed wear to weddings … If i buy a decent poverty value i will be able to buy oil, rice and flour.”

Her story epitomises the planted inequalities within the country. Her husband retired from the police six years ago.,

However barely ever received his pension underneath the previous government.

Back in capital of Afghanistan, we tend to meet a former peace officer attempting to create ends meet.

“It makes no distinction to American state who’s within the government,” he says.

Moreover He is currently commercialism religious movement flags by the facet of the road.

“There’s no work around,” he says. “What else am i able to do?”