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Top 10 most Dangerous Dams in the World.

Top 10 most Dangerous Dams in the World.


The first is that the Mosul Dam, that stretches across the river in a very depression north of Mosul, Iraq. As dams go, this one may be a applied science horror. The the monotheism State captured Dam on Aug. seven monotheism State. And retaken ten days later by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, with yankee air support.

Should the two-mile-wide dam fail, that is probably going, Mosul would be exhausted and also the injury touch Baghdad. Loss of life might reach five hundred,000, associated millions can be empty water and power: an vast catastrophe heaped-up on the daily pain of Al-Iraq.


The second dam, in southern Africa on the river, is that the Kariba. This 55-year-old dam is that the world’s second largest. It absolutely was a applied science masterpiece. And has delayed well, given the inconsistent maintenance by its homeowners – Zambia, on the north bank and African nation, on the south bank.

But the Kariba Dam is foretold to fail at intervals 3 years unless it undergoes large repair. If it does, billowy water would rip an enormous trench down the length of the river on its route to the Indian Ocean. The wall of water would remove another big dam, Cahora Bassa, in Republic of Mozambique.
South Central Africa would lose forty % of its electrical provide.

Dam is essentially the incorrect structure for the placement, and known as “most dangerous dam within the world.”