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mechanic lost his life at pakistan Airport

At one of Pakistan Airports, one mechanic lost his life when he was passing in front of the jet engine. Actually it is prohibited to pass before the jet engine when it is at on mode as it has the ability to suck everything in front of it.
Same is the case happened at one of Pakistan Airports when one mechanic started to move towards his chamber after cleaning the cockpit. He was himself mechanic and off course knew each and everything about the precautionary measurements.

However, it seems as it was the destiny that was dragging him towards jet engine. So he just placed his first foot ahead of engine and there was no need to put the second one and he was crushed into pieces by the jet engine in seconds.

It was the saddened news which spread in the whole airport like wildfire. Even media also arrived there after hearing the abrupt death of one mechanic . Then the PIA Director told to media and verified about the tragic death of his mechanic .

They also showed their love and condolence towards bereaved family as they had the world’s largest loss in their lives. They had lost their father and wife to his husband, sisters to his brother and many more. Most importantly, it was the main source of earning bread and butter.