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Ghosts in Islamabad near Rawal Dam

Real Ghost spotted near Rawal Dam of Islamabad has spread a lot of fear in Twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Specially people traveling to Murree are facing a lot of difficulties with such bulletin. The ghost sighting was witnessed near Rawal dam jungle.
The whole area of Rawal Dam has banquet in out skirts of Islamabad alongside the Murree street. Anybody going to Murree cannot leak these residences. The genuine ghost was also witnessed in the alike area by numerous people. Though, there were not any reports of somebody receiving any kind of loss in such event.
Definite ghost and odd creature arrival stories are very much popular in twin cities. Mostly in old parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi people are very much inspiration with such stories. A big part of these two cities bongs to the forest zone. Very often weird doings are noticed in the forests nearby these two cities. A portion of fear in the people has extent due to such thoughtful.
The Islamabad police have enlarged the safety touring in the area to municipal safety. People are also directed to carry on inside their houses at after the evening. The actions near Rawal dam and other picnic spots are also concentrated after the new about real ghost sighting came in newspapers. Individuals travelling to or from Murree are typically travelling during day time these days.
A big part of Islamabad consists of dense forests. In such forests, weird and paranormal actions are noticed very often. People have to be very careful all the times. Real ghost has not given any problem to individuals as of now but still public in the twin cities are needed to remain cautious.