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Possessed lady cured by verses of Quran

Islam is comprehensive code of life though occasionally people reject to have faith in it since they have their own viewpoint of philosophy about things. Though newly a video came out of nowhere and gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. In the film you can see some people and an exorcist who is frustrating to able the soul of the lady who caught this woman with something sinful soul.
A clip on social media newly has grabbed the courtesy of lots of social media users, in which a Muslim exorcist is speaking to a sinful soul in the work of the treatment. Islamic way of exorcism is painful and torture free. The individual ought to recite the holy verses of Quran in a defined arrangement, they added.
Some of people after viewing video are bashing the guy who is trying to speak with sinful soul in the lady however rest of them are saying this is right process to treat something like this. Though, the exorcist guy in the video is beating the lady.
Exorcist who demanded to used Islamic way is beating lady in the video though people are bashing him on social media as you can examine over and done with internet about this lady.